About me: I was born and raised in Säffle, Värmland. I’ve been living in Northern (in reality more like central) Sweden for 25 years, 9 of which in Jämtland and 16 in Medelpad (15 kilometers from Sundsvall). In the summer of 2018 I moved back home to Värmland where I ́m now in the process of establishing my artistic business at Wiksfors bruk in Långserud. 

My inspiration to work with wood started as a child in my grandfather’s cabinetry and upholstery workshop (which my brother Peter Wall still runs, www.rohmanwall.com/wall_gruppen). My interest in art, handicrafts and different cultures developed through my journeys mainly in the USA, Mexico and Canada. Other sources of inspiration are nature, animals and ancient Egyptian treasures and artifacts. 

My passion is creating artwork with chainsaws and carving gouges. I started my company in 2003 and have mostly done commissioned work for individuals, organizations and companies. With the relocation back to Värmland I’ll be taking my art to the next level. 

I’m about to build up a sculpture park at Wiksfors bruk in Långserud,

the park will be ready in 2021