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About me:
I´m born and raised in Säffle, Värmland. I have been living in the northern (actually more likely in the middle) parts of Sweden for 25 years. 9 years in Jämtland and 16 years in Medelpad (1,5 Swedish miles from Sundsvall)
Moved back to my homeland summer 2018 I have my artistic business at Wiksfors bruk in Långserud.
My inspiration to work with wood started when I was a little child.

I used to be with my grandfather in his carpenter/upholsterer workshop.

My younger brother Peter Wall (www.rohmanwall.com/wall gruppen) runs the workshop nowadays.
My interest for art, handicraft and different cultures have developed further through my journeys mainly to USA, Mexico and Canada.
Other sources of inspiration is nature, animals and Egyptian treasures. My passion is to create artwork by chainsaw and woodcarving tools. Started my company in 2003 and have mostly worked with ordering work to private people, compounds and companies during these years.

I ́m sponsored by the company Stihl


*Mannaminne, Nordingrå -03
*Midlanda Arthall (design exhibition) -03-04
*Naturum, Borgsjö -04
*Gallery LA-Art, Sundsvall 04-05
*Construction fair, Älvsjö -04
*Slöjdexhibition ”gästabud” Härnösands museum -06
*Skatgalleriet, Njurunda, summer -06
*Y-salong (jury evaluated) theme ”It hidden” Länsmuseet Västernorrland -07
*Nordiska museet, Stockholm summer – 08
*Lion club Skvaderns konstrunda Sundsvall 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015
*Exhibition, Art local 2014
*Gallery Hamnmagasinet, Mellanfjärden june-july 2015
*Summer exhibition 25-31 of july in my own garden
*Krokstad herrgård 2017-2019

Represented/ vocational qualifications
*Sundsvalls community, won the competition ”In tree plane for tree kingdoms conservation” summer -03 (participated with the sculpture ”Me”)
*Woodcut to the company SCA, 2005
*Signs to a animal hospital, 2005-08
*Information signs and chainsaw sculptures to a special road called ”Kustvägen” in Medelpad 2010
*Chainsaw sculptures and signs to a museum called ”Rolf Lidbergs museum” in Järkvissle

*Orienteeringsmap to a school outside Stockholm called ”Lemshaga academy” 2013

*Chainsaw sculpture to a cafe in Jämtland, 2015

*Chainsaw sculptures to a school outside Sundsvall, called Bredsands school 2015

*Three little sculptures to Sundsvalls business awards ”The profile of IT” 2015, 2016 and 2017

*A sculpture to a park in Säffle summer 2018

*Design and handicraft tecniques, Stenebyskolan 1985
*Artschool, Skinnskatteberg 1986-1987
*Östersunds artschool 1997-1998
*Wood Technology school, Frösön, Östersund, 1998-1999
*Gustavian woodcarving, woodcentre, Kramfors 2003
*Woodworking teacher education 2006-2012, Umeå University

The documentary film The Chainsaw Madonna

Filmmaker Linus Grötting & Lotta have worked on the film for 3 years.
The film is about Lotta's artistry with a focus on how Lotta creates two 15-meter carved poles.

Something that has not been done in Sweden before.
One of the poles is a tribute to the farmgirls life (especially Lotta's grandmother who worked as a farmgirl since she was a child).
The second pole is a tribute to the farmboys life, and Lotta's grandfather has been a model for the pole.
Lotta has carved local history and agricultural history into the poles.
If you want to book the film, contact me at boholmwall@gmail.com

Filmmaker Linus Grötting:
Linus Grötting is a Swedish freelance filmmaker and communicator living in Värmland.
From 2018 to 2021, he documented the sculpted poles that can be found today at Wiksfors mill in Långserud.
The result is the documentary film The Chainsaw Madonna, which follows the wooden sculpture Lotta Boholm Wall from the felling of the two fifteen-meter stables to when Lotta put them up outside Långserud Bygdegård.
If you want to know more about Linus and his current projects,

visit linusgrotting.com or Mail linusgrotting@gmail.com
If you want to see the Chainsaw Madonna in its entirety, please contact Lotta Boholm Wall

Wiksfors bruk
Since the summer of 2018, I have had my studio/workshop/sculpture park at Wiksfors mill.
Wiksfors mill has become an attractive visitor destination with a unique range of arts, crafts, interior design, restaurant business,
cafe, clothing, coffee roaster, business hotel and sale of local products.

For more info: https://wiksforsbruk.se/

Workshops, guided tours/ lectures
* Woodcarving workshop (from 8 years and elder)
* Children woodcraft workshop (4-8 years old)
* Guided tours for small or big groups
* Lectures about my journey to mastercarvers in British Colombia 2022 (the lecture is 60 min long)
Dates and days will come up during the year
If you want to book a tour you reach me by email: boholmwall@gmail.com